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Warning: Spoilers/plot details for Infinity Blade II follow.
Worker of Secrets.png
Type Deathless
Size Large
Alias Worker of Secrets
Voiced by Simon Templeman (IB2)
John Noble (IB3)
Found in Infinity Blade II

Galath, called the Worker of Secrets, is the creator of the Infinity Blade and the main Deathless antagonist in the series. It is said that Galath was imprisoned in the Vault of Tears by Ausar, or Siris before his memory was wiped. Siris later freed Galath, hoping that he could help him end the Deathless's tyranny. However, Galath betrayed Siris, locked him in the Vault of Tears with Raidriar, and escaped.

History[edit | edit source]

The Worker in the Infinity Blade II intro

Siris learns of the Infinity Blade's creator, the Worker, and decides to free him and seek his aid against the Deathless. After defeating the Blood Sentinels and Thane - High Lord of House Ix, he enters the Worker's prison. Upon approaching the Worker, Thane, somehow still alive, attacks Siris and they fight again. At about 1/3 health left, the Worker touches Thane, revealing that he studied their Quantum Identity Patterns and has disabled them, permanently killing Thane. He accepts Siris' help, but asks that the God King be beaten in battle, yet not killed, and brought to the dungeon to take the Worker's place as prisoner. After Siris returned with Raidriar unconscious, the Worker and Siris prepare to leave the Worker's prison. However, the Worker uses the Infinity Blade's energy against Siris and reveals his true motivations; to make every Deathless subservient to him by threatening them with the loss of immortality. The Worker of Secrets also reveals before leaving that Siris (during his life as Ausar), not Raidriar, was responsible for his imprisonment.

As the last update Skycages has come, the destiny of Siris and Raidriar as well as the Worker's are still unknown. If the Worker fulfills his plans to enslave the rest of the Deathless or if somehow Ausar and Raidriar unite against him is yet to be known.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is voiced by Simon Templeman, who is widely known as the voice of the Vampire Kain from the Legacy of Kain series and Loghain from the Dragon Age series.
  • He wears armor similar to Raidriar's.
  • Playing Infinity Blade: Dungeons was supposed to lead to the creation of the Infinity Blade. Given this, it is possible that the player character in Dungeons was going to be Galath.
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