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There are a variety of weapons that can be purchased in the series. This page aims to serve as a basic explanation of all weapons in both games.

Items in colored cells are not immediately available in the OG store (hidden).

Infinity Blade I[edit | edit source]

There are 54 weapons in Infinity Blade I (5 locked).

Steel Sword Talon Bronze Axe Dawn Blade
Wormwood Gemini Sword of Storms Slither
Oathborn Claymourn Saw Tooth FireBrand
Retribution Kludd Marrow Riptide
Incubus Fang Thorneblade Lady Finger
Bolt Iron Claw Ruin Unfaithful
Glimmer Ellorium Nexus Kraken
Ember Balloon of War Brunt Aeternum
Frostbite Nerrix Touch of Death Forge
Khill Echo Jawbreaker Bobi
Shiver Ricochet The Infinity Blade Dragoor Blade
Silver Enslaver Poison Scythe Randor
Gnarl Grayson Obsidian Shard
X-SC2 Dark X-SC2

Unlockable Weapons[edit | edit source]

Some of the more powerful weapons and other items in the game are only available after certain criteria are met. Here are the weapons, including how to unlock them.

Infinity Blade

Unlock the Infinity Blade by first defeating the God King. After his defeat, you can purchase the blade in Store for 514,900 gold.


Unlock the Obsidian by first defeating Zero Mech. After his defeat, you can purchase the blade in Store for 1,638,000 gold. The sword is +180 to Attack, +170 to Shock.


Unlock the X-SC2 by first defeating Zero Mech. After his defeat, you can purchase the blade in Store for 2,490,000 gold. The sword is +195 to Attack, +250 to Drain.

Dragoor Blade

Unlock the Dragoor Blade by first defeating Ealoseum. After his defeat, you will receive the Dragoor Blade as part of his loot. The sword is +160 to Attack, +100 to Fire.


Unlock the Shard by getting to bloodline3 (New Game++) and purchasing it in the store. It has +190 to Attack and +200 to Shock.

Dark X-SC2

Unlock The Dark X-SC2 by getting to bloodline -10 and restart bloodline 1 and purchasing it in the store. It has +199 to Attack and +301 to Darkness.To get to the negative bloodlines, go to the tutorial battle where you fight as the Original Ancestor. Don't follow the tutorial, just tap the shield icon and let the Dark Knight damage you and eventually you'll be dead. Choose the option "Save and Restart Castle", then you'll find yourself in Bloodline -1 with the Dark Mech set equipped. Play normally to bloodline -10.

Weapons by Power[edit | edit source]

The lists below will be in order of lowest to highest total power. The first stat listed is the raw damage stat, followed by the elemental damage stat if present or any bonuses the weapon gives.

No Element








Infinity Blade II[edit | edit source]

There are 137 weapons in Infinity Blade II (48 locked).

Light weapons[edit | edit source]

There are 45 light weapons in Infinity Blade II (16 locked).

Gem Shard Kurganic Hadouken Pinion
Voak Grinder Frigid Thorneblade Balak
Marrow Etak Harmony Bauxite
Slint Bolt Xiv Ash
Paper Cut The Herring Sword of Man Blade of Eradoom
Sheen Thistle Bucklan Lady Finger
Woad Khill Nerrix Arual
Iron Claw Corruption Obsidian Frostbite
The Contessa Flak Grayson Orcan
The Ancient X-SC2 Nahte Lockjaw
The Vile Blade Infinity Blade Ra'ul Dragoor Blade

Heavy weapons[edit | edit source]

There are 47 heavy weapons in Infinity Blade II (17 locked).

Gem Axe Worn Axe Bramble Mulligan
Cleaver Grinder Sovereign Bronze Axe Orok
The Judge Punisher Kludd Imperial
Anodim Kraken Forge Dalid
Molnaar Block Head Rixyx Hurricane
Echo Drofa Granite Hammer Brunt
Wrench Halfstar Wormwood Iron Stone
Death Metal Retribution Mullinax Enslaver
Randor Warth Gnarl Dragoor Mount
Stump Maker Tetrach Rift Kudgel
Reaper Anarchax The Vile Mace The Widow Shriek
Torren's Legacy Kaen Solar TRANS-JX

Dual weapons[edit | edit source]

There are 45 dual weapons in Infinity Blade I (15 locked).

Gem Blades Serat Nero Deeg
Nova Grinder Bone Saw Pork Chop Gemini
Turq Dice Rednas Odnal
Rodayne Sword of Kayser Steel Hatchet Sacrum
Unfaithful Rohan's Fin Ember Baneer
Ellorium Richochet Lisran Eavet
Orci Sinkhook Fang The Iron Rod
Needle Bobi Glimmer Ruin
Shard Silver Splice Gelder
Kurtz Hess Poison Scythe Keldrew
The Vile Thorn Nobel Oathborn Talon

Infinity Blade III[edit | edit source]

Light weapons (Siris)[edit | edit source]

Willok Starsh Kurganic Marrow
Ruene Xwiss Flak Khill
Pharoe Bone Saw Xiv Frostbite
Integrite The Vile Blade Grayson Etak
Obsidian Noe Mercy The Ancient Buckland
Decay Axis Lochra Yhurle Blade
Saphirine Ribbon The Infinity Blade Infinity Blade
Solar-Trans LX Dragoor Blade

Heavy weapons (Siris)[edit | edit source]

Herribone Iron Axe Imagine Dragon Phoenix
Bramble The Infinity Cleaver Scalpel Stump Maker
Reaper Sceptre Derouic Tetrach
Raptor Kudgel Molnaar The Vile Mace
Anarchax Mortar Yhurle Axe Halfstar
Equator Granite Hammer Lost Axe of Galath Arjona
Pythonic Axe of Heaven Pressure Rift
Solar Trans-JX Torren's Legacy

Dual weapons (Siris)[edit | edit source]

Chisel Jack Jaw Gemini Skinner
Steel Hatchet Deeg Glimmer Berator
Gelder Skullcrusher Trench The Infinity Swords
Sinkhook Needle Lebasi Tunnep
The Iron Rod Hess Virgil The Vile Thorn
Poison Scythe Yernaug Lampblack Ammerm
Yhurle Swords Keldrew Dratsum Solar-Trans OX

Light weapons (Isa)[edit | edit source]

Illorium Royal Katana Ra'ul Javel
Odnal Slicer Ronin Katana Rubitas
Forebear Phage Frigid Ruin
Asunder Hadouken Halogen Unfaithful
Vybrix Blade Barrinov The Still Blade Iron Claw
Arual Brinstar Silver Nahte
Moulbage Blade of Eradoom Blade of Heaven The Infinity Edge
Infinity Blade Solar-Trans DX Balak

Heavy weapons (Isa)[edit | edit source]

Yeoh Double Mace Ziyi Punisher
Switch Raam The Infinity Spear Aquila
Thresher Daina Cobra Phelanger
Vybrix Spear Spindle Abner Serrated Spear
Forge Poker Dias The Silent Spear
Entrapment Norfair Ouroboros Mace
Emendo The Master Stick Mullinax Solar-Trans MX
Spear of Teth

Dual weapons (Isa)[edit | edit source]

Phlege Equinox Shiv Hunter
Riisling Daybreaker Drestle Duster
FireBrand Tangle Snikt Sacrum
Incubus Shard Vybrix Claws Taleth
Scorne Flynn Cuttle Weston
Tourian The Infinity Daggers Death Gloves Dice
Sinestra Santone Solar-Trans GX The Subtle Knife