Vault of Tears

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Siris and the Worker of Secrets unlocking the Vault of Tears.
Warning: Spoilers/plot details follow.
This page is about the location. For the update, see Infinity Blade II: Vault of Tears.

The Vault of Tears is a "soul cell" prison created for Galath, the Worker of Secrets. It is located below the Tower of Infinity Blade II. Spiritual bonds prevent the Vault's prisoners from leaving the Vault without the Infinity Blade and another Deathless to take their place.

Ausar, now known as Siris, was the one who locked Galath inside of the Vault. His memory was later erased and, having no recollection of imprisoning Galath, later journeyed to free him from his prison. Galath claimed that for escape to be possible, he would need Raidriar to take his place. When Siris returned with Raidriar and the Infinity Blade, Galath used the weapon to seal Siris inside of the vault, along with Raidriar. As of Infinity Blade II, the Vault of Tears holds both Siris and Raidriar, until Isa comes in and rescue them.