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Warning: Spoilers/plot details for Infinity Blade II follow.
Thane, High Lord of House Ix
Type Deathless
Size Large
Status Deceased
Alias Shield of the Great Pact
Weapon Gelder
Shield Byzanti
Found in Infinity Blade II

Thane is the Deathless guardian of the Vault of Tears. He refers to himself as "first blood of the Deathless", "High Lord of house Ix", and "shield of the Great Pact". He and the three blood sentinels must be defeated in order to gain entrance to the Vault of Tears.

After defeating Thane the first time, the first seal is unlocked and all pathways to the other seals are unlocked. Thane is fought again after unlocking the other three seals, and entrance to the Vault of Tears is gained. Once inside, Thane intercepts Siris and battles him a third time. The fight is interrupted by the Worker of Secrets, who destabilizes Thane's Quantum Identity Pattern, killing him permanently.

Thane wields Byzanti as a shield and Gelder as a light weapon. He can conjure ice magic in between attack chains, and attacks with his shield quite frequently.

In the dungeons of the ruined Temple of Lantimor in Infinity Blade III, Thane appears as a 'Deathless QIP Abomination' - a bloated, three-headed creature with three arms. It is unknown if this is the result of Thane's QIP being destabilised, one of Galath's experiments at the Soulless which went awry, or just a different creature altogether.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Thane bears a resemblance to Ealoseum, a Deathless who was killed by Siris in the original Infinity Blade.

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