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Skycages entrance
For the v1.3 update, see Infinity Blade II: Skycages.

Skycages are cells in a prison-like area at the top of the Tower. They are prominent from the outside, seen hanging from beams. Dialogue between Siris and the guardian of the prison reveals that the prisoners are "traitors to the Deathless Houses and the Great Pact".

Location[edit | edit source]

Go to the hall that leads to both Thane and MX-Goliath. Take the door leading to Thane, and you will reach a small room with two doors. The door on the left leads to the skycages, and requires a large key to unlock. Once inside, you must defeat either the Headsman or the Butcher. After the battle, tap the location on the left to approach the three cells. Note: Thane must have been defeated on a previous Rebirth in the same game for the area to be accessable.

Three skycages can be accessed:

  • The skycage on the left requires Nobel to be opened. Inside is the Petrified Noc, who immediately initiates battle with Siris after released.
  • The skycage in the center requires the Infinity Blade to be opened. Inside is the Iron Hunter, who initiates battle with Siris. When the Iron Hunter is nearly defeated, he yields. The player can then decide whether to spare or finish him. If you spare the Iron Hunter, he gifts the player with Torren's Legacy in the next Rebirth. If you don't spare him, you obtain the Hunter Mail.
  • The skycage on the right requires The Widow Shriek to be opened. Inside is Xyloto, who battles Siris.

Bugs and Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • fixed in 1.31 - A game breaking bug occurred if a player spared the Iron Hunter twice. The only ways to fix this bug were to restart to Rebirth 1 or follow the instructions in this post.