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Shields are pieces of equipment allow you to block attacks, making breaks easier to get than with dodges or parries. Shields can only be used if you have remaining shield points, which can be improved with equipment and by increasing the stat after leveling up. Shields can also provide immunity to elements and add other abilities like extra XP or extra attack. As enemies get progressively harder, each attack will cause more damage to your shield.

Items in gray cells are not immediately available in the OG store (hidden).

Infinity Blade I[edit | edit source]

There are 29 shields in Infinity Blade I (3 hidden).

Wooden Shield Iron Guard Grummun Aegis
Osseous Odin Guard Dorn Prime
Supreme Shield Silverlight Ruby Shield Sunstorm
Hailstone The Wall Norsal Elith
The Maiden The Patriot Gnash Cloven
Maximus Terrapin Phoenix Guard Hexan
Dragoor Bone Foundry Vulcanis Tempest
Dark Tempest
Extended info (needs to be updated)
Note - Shields in Bold, with a bold attribute are either best in game for their secondary power and block
Shield Name Number of Blocks Secondary Powers
Wooden Shield 9 None
Iron Guard 10 None
Grummun 8 XPGain+
Aegis 14 None
Osseous 12 Fire, Ice
Odin Guard 16 Lightning
Dorn 15 Poison
Prime 22 None
Supreme Shield 18 Ice, Lightning, Poison
Silverlight 20 Fire, Ice
Ruby Shield 21 Fire, Ice, Lightning


25 Lightning, Poison
Hailstone 28 Ice
The Wall 50 XPGain+
Norsal 32 Ice, Lightning
Elith 36 Fire, Lightning, XPGain+++
The Maiden 40 Fire, Dark Magic
The Patriot 44 Fire, Ice, Poison
Gnash 50 Poison
Cloven 48 Fire, Ice, Dark Magic
Maximus 52 Lightning, Poison
Terrapin 60 None
Phoenix Guard 54 Fire, Light Magic, Dark Magic
Hexan 60 Light
Dragoor Bone 65 Fire, Lightning, Life Drain
Foundry 70 20 Attack
Vulcanis 72 Lightning, Light Magic, Dark Magic
Tempest 80 Lightning, Life Drain, Light Magic
Dark Tempest 25 25 Attack

Infinity Blade II[edit | edit source]

There are 53 shields in Infinity Blade II (22 hidden).

Gem Shield Maximus Wooden Shield Foundry
Tusken Chasten Osseous Vampirum
Dorn Sweet Lid Oceanic Supreme Shield
Oaken Zodrian Grummun Jade Shield
Cardboard Knox Silverlight Darksheer
Sunstorm Herringbone The Hole Dynasty
Shockwave Straw Shield The Gate Kreiger
Byzanti The Wall Cyclone Undertow Tank
Norsal Trifecta Elith Splinter
Crusader Tordan The Maiden Stodd
Patriarch Gnash Halidon Epsilon
Hexan Phoenix Guard The Vile Shield Vulcanis
Tempest The Patriot Dragoor Bone Nodus

Infinity Blade III[edit | edit source]

Siris[edit | edit source]

Turepro Gearcutter Copper Shield Maximus
Pouloss Foundry Cordite Oceanic
Grummun Phoenix Guard Jaggertine Tradit
Cyclone Riverdam The Maiden The Vile Shield
Hexan Vulcanis Everlong Trifecta
Neb Odium Guard Nodus The Patriot
Sundial Yhurle Guard The Sovereign Dragoor Bone

Isa[edit | edit source]

Leather Brace Iron Vambrace Steel Guard Knox
Ruby Shield Bone Tordan Politic
Felidae Tusken Honor Guard Akkash
Byzanti Rust Brace T-7 AGB Wraith Guard
Thern Wrap Sentinel Wrap Gold Arrow Bolt Brace
Vybrix Guard Jahsna Guard Diortem Brace Dorn
Wayne Lunith Brace The Empress
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