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Type Deathless
Size Regular
Alias "Deathless Blademaster"
Weapon Dark Solar Trans-LX
Found in Infinity Blade II - v1.3

Ryth is a Deathless enemy found in [[Infinity Blade II] and Infinity Blade III], added in the Skycages update. Two requirements must be met before Ryth will appear: MX-Goliath must be defeated, and the player must possess a Solar Trans weapon. At the beginning of the Rebirth immediately after the requirements are met, Ryth is shown flying into the hangar bay via an unidentified aerial craft. He can be found there from then on.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Ryth can only be battled if the player is wielding a Solar Trans weapon. On any occasion after the first battle, he is immune to seven out of eight elements (however, sometimes he'll be immune to all the eight elements except for Holy and crystal). The one element he is exposed to is randomized in each encounter, although he is always vulnerable to Holy. The first time Ryth is defeated, he drops a +400 fire attack gem (which can be sold for $500,000 and can become an easy way to get gold fast by restarting rebirth one and defeating Ryth again).

For convenience purposes, a Rare Spectrum Gem or a Rare Darkfire Gem can be used in Ryth battles. This eliminates the need to spend gold switching gems before every Ryth encounter. Also, rings with spells based on elements that Ryth is immune to will only inflict one tenth (1/10) of the usual damage. To avoid this, the Holy Band can be used, as Ryth is always vulnerable to the Holy element.

Ryth is at first a level 1,000 enemy, but with each rebirth, his level increases by 500.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Ryth is only interested in fighting Siris for sport. He states that he has no care for the Great Pact or Siris's activities in Saranthia, and that he longs for a worthy battle. If Ryth wins the fight, he bows respectfully to Siris.

If you defeat Ryth, his ship remains in the place where you fight him until you defeat Raidriar.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Ryth uses a black version of the Exo Armor and Exo Helm, with a purple vertical light in the middle of his mask. He also carries a double-handed version of the Solar Trans-LX with a unique black-and-purple blade (the same color as a Solar- Trans Weapon equiped with a Dark elemental gem, although his weapon does not deal Dark damage), much like the Exo-Pilot titan carries the Arual double-handed. He is the only enemy known to wield the same weapon that the player must equip to fight him, other than Xyloto.  His Exo-Pilot-based appearance may be linked to the MX-Goliath pilot, who also wore the Exo equipment set.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Ryth: I'd heard whispers that a nameless immortal was wandering the Vault of Tears. Whispers that this warrior had showed legendary skill with the Aegis forms.
  • Siris: And you've come to stop me.
  • Ryth: I could not care less about the Pact or what you are doing here. I haven't faced a worthy opponent in centuries, and I yearn for the glory of a duel for the fates.

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