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Warning: Spoilers/plot details for series follow.
Raidriar in Infinity Blade II
Type Deathless
Size Regular
Alias The God King
Weapon Infinity Blade
Armor Helio Armor (IB1)
Helio Plate (IB2)
Shield Sunstorm (IB1)
Epsilon (IB2)
Helmet Helio Helm (IB1)
Helio Crown (IB2)

Raidriar (Loudspeaker icon blue.pngRAID ree ARE), also known as the God King, is the primary antagonist of the series so far. He rules the land together with a pantheon of seven Deathless, of which he is the leader. He is known by the people he rules as a ruthless, unaging tyrant. The majority of people, though aware that he is immortal, are not aware that he is also Deathless - Raidriar intentionally keeps this a secret to give the people of Drem's Maw hopeful that he may one day be killed and overthrown.

In the original Infinity Blade, he is known only as the God King. He stays in the top room of his temple of Lantimor awaiting the Deathless player character, Siris. In Infinity Blade II, he steals back the Infinity Blade that Siris acquired at the end of Infinity Blade I and the player must eventually defeat him to recover it again.

History[edit | edit source]

Infinity Blade[edit | edit source]

The God King is the final battle of each bloodline. He is reborn every time he is destroyed. After obtaining the Infinity Blade, you can access the dungeon, which leads to a Rebirth chamber with several Raidriar "buds" in green tubes, without the Helio Armor shoulder guards.

Infinity Blade: Awakening[edit | edit source]

He was reborn in his Seventh Temple of Reincarnation after Siris had defeated him in battle. He claims that he allowed Siris to defeat him which would suggest he is a very proud person. He is referred to as Raidriar by his Devoted (mortals that serve him). Raidriar uses technology, only available to the Deathless, to learn how he lost the duel against Siris. Raidriar learns that the Infinity Blade was not fully activated when he lost, however, it was powerful enough to kill the lesser deathless that were imprisoned in his dungeon. Raidriar believes that the Infinity Blade may be fully activated now and is terrified by the thought of a true death. Raidriar reviews video of his duel with Siris and believes that the Worker Of Secrets trained Siris. Raidriar is also intrigued by the identity of a female assassin (Isa) who initially attempts to kill Siris and retrieve the Blade.

Raidriar gathers several Dark Knights and sets out to meet with The Worker of Secrets. As Siris learns of the God King's rebirth, he sets out with Isa to find another Deathless, Saydhi, that can help Siris find theWorker of Secrets. After Siris kills Saydhi, he inserts the Infinity Blade in a slot similar to the one in Raidriar's dungeon, causing Siris to lose possession of the Infinity Blade, and Raidriar to gain it. He tells Siris of their intertwined past. Siris is actually Ausar, a deathless. Every bloodline when Ausar was reborn, he had his memory erased by his servant, TEL.

Infinity Blade II[edit | edit source]

Raidriar in Infinity Blade II

At the start of Infinity Blade II, it is revealed that the God King is alive again. He tricks Siris and takes back the Infinity Blade, calling him "Ausar." Before he could permanently kill Siris with the Infinity Blade, Isa saves him by shooting him with a crossbow bolt.

When Siris enters the prison of the Worker of Secrets, he is surprised that his old friend Ausar has at least come to free him, but is regretful to state that he cannot leave until Raidriar, the God King, releases him. Siris arrives back at Saydhi's estate, and issues a challenge to Raidriar. Raidriar arrives, sending his minions as fodder to weaken Siris. After his henchmen are defeated, Raidriar himself faces Siris, claiming he will finally taste true death. Raidriar fights ferociously, but is ultimately defeated. Siris takes the Infinity Blade back, poising it to strike. Raidriar states that killing him won't end Siris' conflict with the Deathless. Instead of doing so, Siris strikes Raidriar over the head with the Blade's pommel.

Siris returns to the Worker's tomb with Raidriar, and drops him off, ready to free the Worker. The Worker congratulates Siris on his victory, and tells Siris that together they will both re-shape their world. Siris inserts the Infinity Blade into the seal on the floor. Once the Worker grabs onto the Blade, Siris is propelled backwards by a burst of energy released from the blade. The Worker takes up the blade, and, his tone turning suddenly sinister, tells Siris that in order for him to escape, Siris must take the Worker's place in the vault. The Worker thanks Siris for eliminating many of his rivals, and plots to rule over the Deathless with the Infinity Blade. The Worker ascends as he tells Siris that it is fitting he stay locked in here, because Ausar imprisoned the Worker to begin with. Siris ends up being locked within the Vault alongside Raidriar.

Infinity Blade: Redemption[edit | edit source]

Raidriar and Siris are imprisoned for two years, during which they kill each other thousands of times. When Isa finally rescues Siris, Raidriar surprises them, slitting his throat in order to escape. Raidriar awakens back in his castle, learning that the Worker has instated a Soulless copy of Raidriar in his stead. Forced to kill his own Devoted, who believe he is an imposter, Raidriar seeks out his still-loyal High Devoted and sets out to find Siris. Convincing Siris that they must ally, Raidriar sends him to kill the false God King and retrieve the Infinity Blade. While Siris is away, the Worker of Secrets bombs the camps of Siris' rebellion, killing almost everyone. Siris returns and is eventually persuaded to give Raidriar the Infinity Blade so that he can seek out the Worker and end him.

Infinity Blade III[edit | edit source]

Raidriar is playable during the prologue of Infinity Blade III. He journeys to Galath's tower, where he is forced to fight and kill Ashimar, an ally of his who had sided with Galath. He then faces Galath himself. This battle cannot be won, and Raidriar will eventually submit. Galath then reveals his plan to destroy the world so that all Deathless can die permanently, but tells Raidriar that he will never defeat him and offers him a chance to join him, telling him that he can be a valuable asset. However, instead of accepting Galath's offer, Raidriar alerts Siris and Isa by sending them Galath's data disc. Galath, angered, stabs Raidriar with the Infinity Blade, permanently killing him.

Raidriar's corpse is later used by Galath to create Soulless copies, of which two are fought in the game:

  • The first one is fought in Larioth as the first boss Siris fights. He guards the data disc which Raidriar had sent from the Ark and wields the Infinity Cleaver.
  • The second one is used by Galath to delay Siris so he could reach his spaceship and destroy the Earth, however, Isa takes care of it, allowing Siris to continue pursue Galath.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Infinity Blade I[edit | edit source]

Before battling the God King, the player is advised to equip a weapon with the most raw damage they have available to them, as the God King becomes immune to almost all elemental attacks after only a few bloodlines. It's also advised that the player not rush in to fighting him, as his weapon's elemental attack changes often; equip shields that add resistances to those elements. It's also highly advised to have a decent Magic attribute, coupled with a ring with healing properties. And remember to heal fully with a Health Potion.

It's highly advised that the player stick to parrying the God King's standard attacks, because the small windows from block and dodge breaks won't provide a good opportunity to dish out damage at all. When the God King gets cut down by 1/3 of his health, he gives you a choice to join him or die. If you choose to serve him by tapping on him, he'll praise you for your wisdom and a secret achievement, 'Not In Kansas' will be unlocked. By tapping on your weapon, he will become angered, and start to attack more aggressively by now using three different fury chains (hence why he says you will "feel his full wrath"). All can be parried if you know the attack and time the parry well enough, but if you're hard of timing, or even intimidated by a boss titan throwing a fury chain at you, blocking will mostly keep you from physical harm if you don't mind losing at minimum 15 points to your shield endurance. The God King uses horizontal attacks frequently as well, making dodging ineffective. Put simply, stick to parrying as much as possible, and healing whenever possible and needed, will keep you alive through the fight.

After selecting the God King, the player will be taken on to the next bloodline; if he has beaten the God King, the tyrant shall raise his level by 50. However, if the player has lost the battle, the God King shall remain at his current level.

The God King drops a significant (though level-dependant) amount of gold, and a guaranteed item. It should be noted that the God King will rarely drop the Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade II[edit | edit source]

Raidriar fights similar to any other normal-sized enemy, but with faster movements. He also has three unique fury combos, all of which include unblockable moves. It is recommended to parry these combos before he can execute them, if you can. The Vault of Tears update allows Raidriar to fire off light magic much like Saydhi and Thane. You can parry, dodge, or (at a cost to 5 odd units of damage to your shield/two handed weapon) block these attacks.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Infinity Blade I
Note: The dialogue of Infinity Blade I is spoken in Pangean.
  • Raidriar: Welcome. It has been many centuries since a mortal has dared challenge me. I commend you for your bravery. Tell me, Hero... what do you call yourself?
  • Siris/First ancestor: I am the voice of freedom - and I will end your tyranny and bring peace to this land!
  • Raidriar: Mwa-ha-ha! A bold reply - and one of the most entertaining I’ve yet heard. You will do nicely. Begin.
Tutorial ends
  • Raidriar: Enough. You are a cunning warrior, and fight with strength and skill. We have found our catalyst. (summons the Infinity Blade) The Infinity Blade. The god killer. It took me millennia to find this, to unravel its secrets. Finally, after all this time, I can begin ... (stabs Ancestor)
  • Raidriar: The blade has tasted your blood, and now contains your essence, your prowess. Ah... a strong bloodline indeed - your progeny will serve me well. (Talks to The Dark Knight) Continue to seed the legends. Call upon me when the bloodline has matured again, and I will return. In the coming storm, this blade is our only hope of dominion.
Face the God King
  • Raidriar: Most impressive, you defeated my champions. Now you must face the true test. (jumps from his throne) Prepare to meet your doom!
Reduce God King's health by 1/3
  • Raidriar: Grraah! Of all those who dared to face me, you are the first to prove worthy. So, I offer you a choice, noble warrior - join me, and learn the true meaning of power. You need not perish this day.
Join the God King
  • Raidriar: Excellent - you have chosen wisely. I was once a mere mortal, as you are now - but as you will come to learn, there are more powerful beings in this world than I. Deathless ones who have grown too powerful, too corrupt - together we will vanquish them all.
Fight the God King
  • Raidriar: Impudent child! How dare you refuse the will of the Deathless! You will now feel the full power of my wrath!
Defeated by the God King
  • Raidriar: (knocks Siris back) No mere mortal can defeat one of the Deathless!* (grabs Siris) Had you been a more worthy adversary, you might have made a valuable ally - but no matter. (stabs Siris) Instead, you will serve another purpose. Perhaps your descendants will fare better.
  • Note: If you are defeated at the bottom of the stairs, he does not say the line: "No mere mortal can defeat one of the Deathless!"
Defeat the God King
  • Raidriar: Gwaugh... Impossible! I am... Immortal...! You... (cough)... you don't know what you've done. This world contains.. far greater danger... than you could imagine. (cough)... They'll be coming for YOU now...
Infinity Blade II
Note: The dialogue of Infinity Blade II is spoken in English.
Tap the obelisk
  • Raidriar: "Yes, I thought you might fall for that. (Cuts to Raidriar with the Dark Knight) You opened the pathway to my dungeons, after all. I do believe she was planning on taking the sword and betraying me; a pity, but I suppose you did me a favor by killing her."
  • Siris: "I... So you DO still live. Then you know what I am, you sought out my lineage."
  • Raidriar: "Oh, I know what you are, though I'm more and more certain that you do not. (Raises the Infinity Blade) Thank you for returning this to me."
  • Siris: "Give me a sword! Fight me!"
  • Raidriar: "I think not. You... surprised me last time. I don't think I'll put myself in that position again. (Prepares to stab Siris) You really don't know who you are, do you? Ironic; what DID you do to yourself... Ausar?"
Approaching Siris's trap
  • Raidriar: "So, you return, Ausar. Mwahahaha!" Oh, ever the fool. You won't escape me again. (To his fodder hench-titans) Take him, but be sure to leave the killing blow for MY blade."
After defeating Raidriar's last knight
  • Raidriar: "I have killed you hundreds of times, but now, finally, you will truly taste DEATH, Ausar!"
  • Siris: "We shall see."
Defeated by Raidriar
  • Raidriar: (Grabs Siris) "Oh, ever the fool. You won't escape me again." (Stabs Siris and drops him on the ground, afterwards laughing.)
Defeat Raidriar
  • Raidriar: "You always were... a vile, plotting wretch, Ausar. (Panting) Killing me will not end this, you know..." (Grunting)
  • Siris: "What makes you think I will let you die that easily?" (Knocks Raidrair down with Infinity Blade)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In Infinity Blade II's negative rebirths, Raidriar equips the same gear as in Infinity Blade I. This version of the God King is called the Classic God King.
  • In Infinity Blade I, if you choose to join Raidriar, instead of a new bloodline beginning after the credits, you fight him again. This also unlocks a secret achievement called 'Not in Kansas'.
  • In the final cutscenes, after defeating Raidriar, Siris approaches his throne. He finds a small electronic device, perhaps a reference to the Apple iPhone. Siris taps it and backs away. Futuristic hologram projectors then protrude from the ceiling and display an unidentified planet with a destroyed moon.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Raidriar wielded Nerrix in the Infinity Blade I teaser trailer.[src]
  • In Infinity Blade II, Raidriar wears similar armor to Galath - albeit a different color scheme, and a different helmet.

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