Negative rebirths

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For the negative bloodlines of Infinity Blade I, see negative bloodlines.

The negative rebirths are part of a secret game mode in Infinity Blade II (as of the 1.31 update). To enter the mode, restart to rebirth 1 and keep the Infinity Blade equipped throughout the tutorial (any shield, helm, armor, or ring can be used). Go through the first three enemies normally, until you reach Genno, Saydhi's Champion. When the tutorial tells you to use a super attack, stab Genno three times and instead of doing a combo, keep slicing it in the same direction for about 60 seconds. Afterwards, dodge repeatedly so that you get exhausted and damage yourself. When you die, instead of an option to restart the rebirth, the option will be "??????". Select it to enter the negative rebirths.

In the mode, the gem set will automatically be equipped. Other items can be purchased, but not worn. Also, battles will have XP bonus requirements that must be completed. Failure to complete a requirement will result in being kicked out of the negative rebirths (which can be avoided by killing the app from the task bar). In the negative rebirths, Raidriar is replaced with the Classic God King (also known as the Nega-God King).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Almost all items dropped by regular enemies and chests in the negative rebirths are gems, and the time it takes for a gem forge to be completed is one battle, regardless of how long it would normally take.
  • If you are kicked out of the negative rebirths, all of the gems equipped on the gem set will remain equipped if you enter the mode again.
  • After defeating the Classic God King, you will return back to the normal rebirth system starting at Saydhi's estate. All gold, stats, and items will remain intact.