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Maps or treasure maps are items in Infinity Blade II that reveal where and how the player can obtain certain rewards. Twelve maps were added in v1.2, eleven of which are completed in Saranthia (the Wet Loot Map is completed in Saydhi's estate). Seven more maps were added in v1.3.

Map rewards cannot be claimed unless the map is in the player's inventory.

Infinity Blade II: Vault of Tears (v1.2)
The Vile Map $1,000
Worn Treasure Map $4,500
Key Treasure Map $8,000
Victor's Spoils Map $8,000
Wet Loot Map $12,000
Old Treasure Map $20,000
The Faceplate Map $25,000
Scholar's Map $40,000
Light Forge Map $50,000
Crown Map $175,000
Faded Loot Map $200,000
Dusty Treasure Map $210,000
Infinity Blade II: Skycages (v1.3)
Tree Map $20,000
Gruff Map $120,000
Etched Map $170,000
Arena Map $180,000
Mechanics Map $250,000
Bloody Map $350,000
Rune Map $750,000

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