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Light weapons are part of a weapons class in Infinity Blade II, and make up all weapons in Infinity Blade I. They are moderate in both speed and damage, allowing middle ground between heavy and dual weapons. Light weapons are the only weapons that allow the use of shields, though bonuses provided by shields are granted regardless of equipped weapon type. Unlike heavy weapons, they also allow the player to dodge.

Three combos are available when light weapons are used. The moves shown below are interchangeable. For example, using left, right, left and using up, down up both yield a huge combo.

Huge Combo

  • Strike in one direction, then the opposite, then the same direction as the first strike.
    • Example: left, right, left
  • Last Strike Deals 200% damage

Mega Combo

  • Strike in one direction twice, and then the opposite twice.
    • Example: left, left, right, right
  • Last Strike Deals 250% damage

Ultra Combo

  • Strike in one direction, and then the opposite. Next, strike in a direction that you have not yet used in the same chain. Then strike in the opposite of that, and finally the opposite of that.
    • Example: left, right, up, down, up
  • Last Strike Deals 300% damage
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