Iron Claw (IB2)

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This page pertains to an item in Infinity Blade II. For the
same item in Infinity Blade I, see Iron Claw (IB1).
Iron Claw (IB2)
Sword IronClaw.png
Type Light weapon
Availability Locked (?)
Price $50,000
Sells for $12,500
Attack stat 20
XP to master 5,000
Circle gems 2
Equipped by Horned Guardians
Found in Infinity Blade II
Forged with a blunt edge, this heavy sword pummels more than it cuts.[src]

The Iron Claw is a light weapon found in Infinity Blade II. It is wielded by Horned Guardians. It is hidden from the store until it is obtained from another source. One place the Iron Claw can be found is in big prize wheels. It boosts the attack stat by 20 points and can be configured with two circle gems. It takes 5,000 XP to master.

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