Infinity Blade: Awakening

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Infinity Blade: Awakening
Infinity Blade Awakening.png
Author Brandon Sanderson
Publication date Oct 4, 2012
Published by Chair Entertainment
Language English
Media types e-book,
hardcover (limited)
Distribution iBooks, Kindle store, Nook store (links)
Pages 188

Infinity Blade: Awakening is a novel by Brandon Sanderson, set in the world of Infinity Blade. It bridges the events that bridge the gap between Infinity Blade I and Infinity Blade II. It is an extensive source of lore for the Infinity Blade series, introducing several new characters, revealing some background information on the main character (Siris), and spanning a large portion of the Infinity Blade plotline.

The book was released on October 4, 2012, along with the fourth update to Infinity Blade and the announcement of Infinity Blade II.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

The story begins as Siris, the main protagonist of the series, returned to Drem's Maw. He noticed the local tax collector, Weallix, taking advantage of the confusion caused by the God King's death by attempting to take control of the town. He defeated Weallix's minions and met with the village elders. Having not expected Siris to return at all, they banished him for fear that Drem's Maw might come under attack if he were to remain there with the Infinity Blade.

Siris returned to the Temple of Lantimor, where he had defeated the God King. He was attacked by a woman, who attempted to steal the Infinity Blade from him. After failing to procure the weapon, she revealed her name as Isa and convinced Siris to take her as an ally. She promised to lead him to the Worker of Secrets in exchange for the Infinity Blade if he died on his journey. She also agreed not to attempt to steal the Infinity Blade again.

They learned that the God King had been reborn and that the Infinity Blade can only permanently kill a Deathless once it has been completely activated. The weapon had been activated, but not until after Siris had defeated the God King - the Infinity Blade had been fully awoken after it was used to kill Archarin. Afterwards, they ventured to find Saydhi, an information dealer. Isa believed that Saydhi knew the location of the Worker of Secrets, and could lead Isa and Siris to him.

After finding Saydhi's estate, Siris defeated her guards and eventually reached Saydhi herself. She told Siris where the Worker of Secrets could be found, but, suspicious of his intents, attacked him. He killed her, but was approached by the resurrected God King, who recovered the Infinity Blade. Isa, knowing that Siris is actually a Deathless, killed Siris with a crossbow so the God King could not kill him permanently with the Infinity Blade. Months later, Siris awoke in a rebirth chamber and discovers that he is a Deathless. He then set out to find and free the Worker of Secrets.

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