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Helmets can give you numerous bonuses, from damage, to shield, to health. In Infinity Blade I, their largest appeal is their ability to get extra XP, potions, items, and gold. Each and every helm has one of these properties.

In Infinity Blade II, helmets lose their ability to give special effects like XP+ or Gold+, instead possessing various stats and at least one gem slot. Gems can be used to replicate the bonuses found in Infinity Blade I.

Items in colored cells are not immediately available in the OG store (hidden).

Infinity Blade I[edit | edit source]

There are 31 helmets in Infinity Blade I (2 hidden).

Steel Helm Gold Fury Plated Crown Raulum
Titanium Horn Blue Steel Phoenix Helm Mighty Helm
Holiday Helm Midas Helm Dark Helm Gladius
Legion Iron Skull Odin's Wisdom Mana Crown
The Snake Adamantine Trajan Kaldan
Libertine Oroku Helio Helm Shadow
Devil's Crown Royal Helm Vim Colossal Helm
Conqueror Fusion Helmet Dark Fusion

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

There are six types of bonuses for helms:

  • GoldDrop - Enemies, chests, and bags drop gold more frequently
  • Gold - Enemies, chests, and bags drop larger amounts of gold
  • XP - Fights give more XP (same as XPGain)
  • XPGain - Fights give more XP (same as XP)
  • ItemDrop - Enemies and chests are more likely to give items
  • LifeDrop - You are more likely to find potions lying around.

The number of plus signs coming after the bonus signifies how effective it is:

  • +       - 2 times as likely or twice as much as normal
  • ++     - 4 times as likely or 4 times more than normal
  • +++   - 8 times as likely or 8 times more than normal
  • ++++ - 16 times as likely or 16 times more than normal

Infinity Blade II[edit | edit source]

There are 61 helmets in Infinity Blade II (22 hidden).

Gem Helm Worn Helm Steel Helm Helm of Fate
Gold Fury Mask of Secrets Atium Helm Holiday Helm
Blue Steel Dark Helm Longshot Cadmus
Noble Helm The Hive Box Deathtide
Mighty Helm Raulum Argon Sorok
Legion Mantis Nomadic Helm Cavitic Helm
Pallid Adamantine Tarkas Trajan
Helm of Ages Alloy Helm Colossal Helm Shogun
Crustak Triveticus Kaldan Rake's Scuba Mask
Davidian Dark Plate Helm Hawken The Ward
Cyclopian Helm Rima Helio Helm Shadow
The Unmarked Honnyo Iron Crown Exalio
Apoc EXO Helm The Vile Helm Ariss
Royal Helm Eridius Vim Helio Crown
Divarr Conqueror Splintered Helm Aran
Fusion Helmet

Infinity Blade III[edit | edit source]

Siris[edit | edit source]

Ultrasonic Maganese Legion Sprung
Frosted Brutal Helm Iron Crown Hazzoc
Kaun Hallow Sunspike Cavitic Helm
Nightbringer Iron Skull Steel Helm Oblique
Leatherhead Gobble Shogun Tarkas
Clauz Finite Tencer Radian
Love Baby Lishe Egg Head Mayann
Dark Plate Helm Crustak Ebon Helm The Unmarked
Splintered Helm Eridius Odium Helm Stateless
The Vile Helm Ariss Starkrows Aran
Yhurle Helm Crown of Kings Dragoor Bane Cyclopian Helm

Isa[edit | edit source]

Thieves Mask Gentile Helm Frosted Sprung
Siff Cobalt Helm Kaun Perialis
Hallow Razoor Sunspike Murisan
Chintathor Malady Noble Helm Leatherhead
Ryker Gobble Inari Clauz
Mystique LoleLu Necronom Love Baby
Egg Head Scaled Helm Vybrix Mask Wraith Helm
Crystalis Intimidator Calcium Helm Reactive Helm
Strom Samus Reinforced Helm Perconis
Helm of Ages Jahsna Mask Serene Helm Bristoe
Crown of Queens Lunith Crown Kermec Helm