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Heavy weapons are a class of two-handed weapons in Infinity Blade II. They attack slowly, but deal more damage than light and dual weapons. A heavy weapon combo (200% damage) is simply two strikes in the same direction. After a combo, the player can also "slash" the enemy for additional damage (this is similar to a light weapon stab). The more precise and aligned a slash is with the on-screen arrow, the more damage it will cause.

They do not allow for the use of shields or dodging. Instead, the player can use the weapon to block attacks, even ones that must normally be dodged. Heavy weapon blocks, unlike shield blocks, must be aligned with the enemy attack. Center attacks must be blocked with the center block icon. Blocking with a heavy weapon depletes shield endurance, which increases by one point every time you parry an attack or receive an attack.


The accuracy of a slash determines the damage caused by the slash.

  • Weak Slash: 50% Damage
  • Normal Slash: 75% Damage
  • Great Slash: 100% Damage
  • Perfect Slash: 125% Damage
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