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Armor is a piece of equipment found in Infinity Blade I and II, changing the appearance of every part the player's body except for the head. Instead of reducing the damage taken from attacks, armor items increase the character's health stat.

Items in gray cells are not immediately available in the OG store (hidden).

Infinity Blade I[edit | edit source]

There are 9 armor items in Infinity Blade I (2 hidden).

Leather Armor Bronze Armor Iron Armor Plate Armor
Adamant Armor Helio Armor Night Armor Omega Armor XOS-7
Dark Omega XOS-7

Infinity Blade II[edit | edit source]

There are 23 armor items in Infinity Blade II (9 hidden).

Gem Armor Worn Plate Armor Leather Armor Boron Armor
Cardboard Armor Thark Armor Plate Armor Avrian Plate
Ronin Plate Adamant Armor Dark Plate Undertow Wetsuit
Disk Armor Hunter Mail Helio Armor Titan Mail
Night Armor EXO Armor The Vile Armor Seratic Armor
Helio Plate Aegis Armor Omega Armor XOS-7

Infinity Blade III[edit | edit source]

Siris[edit | edit source]

Iron Plate Armor Kuro Plate Steel Plate Armor Ronin Plate
Thark Armor Hunter Mail Still Plate Dark Plate
Hibon Plate Seratic Armor The Vile Armor Aegis Armor
Yhurle Plate Odium Armor Armor of Kings Disk Armor
Dragoor Plate The Origin

Isa[edit | edit source]

Thief Armor Machined Armor Noc Leather Mail Fuhsa Plate
Barsoom Armor Dark Stripe Armor of Grace Vybrix Wrap
Saburai Armor Ivory Mail Wraith Plate Forbiden Armor
Jahsna Wrap Shard Plate Armor of Queens Aegis Plate
Lunith Plate Kermec Armor